The Lagos Business School Sustainability Centre, Pan-Atlantic University was launched in 2010. The Centre brings together theory and practice on sustainability, builds leadership skills and supports constructive dialogue and collaboration between business, government, civil society and academics to find solutions to critical sustainability challenges.

The Centre achieves its mission through research,   delivering courses and hosting business action platforms to enable constructive dialogue and collaboration between various stakeholder to find solutions to sustainable development challenges in Africa.

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Our Thematic Focus Areas

LBS Sustainability Centre supports business and organisations in mainstreaming, integrating and assessing their sustainability strategies and initiatives, based on cutting-edge sustainability thinking and Centre-led research findings.

We also partner with businesses to provide customized, in-house management development and training programmes.

An ideation platform where business leaders engage in dialogue on sustainability and the socioeconomic impact of business. This year’s roundtable will focus on collaborative ‘Action to Mitigate Plastic Pollution in Nigeria’.
CEO Roundtable on Sustainability
Dialogue Forum
A c-suite ideation and dialogue forum for business leaders to engage with experts on sustainable development issues as well as the social, environmental and economic impact of businesses.
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International Sustainability Conference
Dialogue Forum
An annual dialogue-to-action forum that brings various stakeholders together to advance sustainable development through business. It is a platform for business leaders to imbibe responsible business principles.
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“Excellent programme, I hope to return along with my board members in the near future’ – Participant, Leading a Sustainable Business Seminar. Very helpful learning experience, I will make sustainability a core function of my business”

Participant, Leading a Sustainable Business Seminar

“I am most grateful to LBS for the opportunity to participate in the NPLM programme. When I enrolled for the programme, I didn’t know what to expect but I was sure of what I wanted to gain from it and I was not disappointed.”

Maria Etemore Glover, NPLM Participant

“Organisational Strategy and Planning: As a non-profit that has been looking for a means to be sustainable and not heavily rely on donor funding, a major take back was to begin to develop the capacity to develop a mission driven strategy.”

Adeolu Adekola, Leading a Sustainable Business Seminar