Our Sustainability Courses examine ways in which organisations can enhance their business performance and improve their social and environmental impact in the long term.

Nonprofit Leadership and Management Youth Academy (NPLM YA)

NPLM YA provides a deep understanding of nonprofit leadership, including how to define strong mission statements, manage operational and financial controls, improve organisational capacity, strengthen their fundraising and revenue-generation efforts, marketing, volunteer management, governance and sustainability. NPLM YA participants develop leadership abilities required to advance their nonprofit organisations and establish new relationships, groups, and networks in the nonprofit ecosystem.

For more information email: onwagbara@lbs.edu.ng

Social Impact Assessment and Sustainability Reporting (Seminar)

It has become imperative for leading organisations to understand the impact of their activities and sustainability efforts on the broader ecosystem. This seminar is specially tailored to enable individuals and organisations learn how to conduct social impact assessments and report sustainability information using globally recognised frameworks.

This programme will benefit Middle, senior and executive level functional managers in organisations involved in sustainability strategy development, human resources, corporate social responsibility initiatives, strategy, marketing, non-profit management, health, safety, and environment (HSE), risk management and governance.

Customized Seminars & Workshops

The Effective Sustainabilty Management for Senior Executives is a customised programme which aims to provide current and Africa focused management knowledge in the area of corporate sustainability, corporate social responsibility and responsible business.

The Certificate in Nonprofit Management for Senior Executives is designed to strengthen the leadership, governance, and management capacity of experienced executives working in or with nonprofit organisations.

The key objective of the Nonprofit Leadership and Management Youth Academy is to inspire and empower young women and men to apply leadership skills inspired by feminist values and principles to grow their organisations and movements, build purposeful careers in the nonprofit sector and lead important social innovation initiatives with refined tools and greater confidence.

It has become imperative for leading organisations to understand the impact of their activities and sustainability efforts on the broader ecosystem. Social Impact Assessment (SIA) – the process of analysing, monitoring and managing social issues- is vital to understanding the holistic impact of a company’s activities.

Globally, the waste management industry is increasingly moving towards a circular economy and managing waste innovatively to reduce negative impacts on public and environmental health.

The project in partnership with Omnik, RecylePoints and the Lagos Business School Sustainability Centre will specifically recycle water sachets through a pilot program, designed to show that they can be collected and recycled to be utilized in new, quality packaging applications.

The programme content for the edition of the Nutrition, Health and Environmental Awareness through the Media programme will focus on equipping print, broadcast and online journalists with the Fundamental knowledge on

  1. Shared Value/Sustainability; Nutrition, Health and Environment
  2. Skills to develop compelling stories, video contents and podcasts