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2022 World Water Day Forum

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Dear Esteemed Participants, 

Thank you for making out time to attend and contribute to the 2022 World Water Day Web-Forum themed: ‘Groundwater: Making the Invisible Visible.‘ The forum was hosted by Dangote Cement PLC and Lagos Business School Sustainability Centre in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). 

We hope you found the presentations and dialogue useful and impactful. The forum brought together participants from corporate organisations, government agencies, international agencies, academics, and we trust you will implement the learnings to advance the sustainable use and Management of groundwater resources. 

UNEP Presentation. 

WATCH Event Playback

Dangote Cement PLC Presentation


Partnership and Collaboration 

  • Water is an essential resource for everyone, hence partnership is essential in promoting groundwater sustainability in Africa. 
  • The private sector plays an essential role in ensuring groundwater sustainability because most of their activities result in groundwater pollution. 
  • Most of our development is tied to groundwater for sustainability. We cannot achieve sustainable groundwater without partnerships from private businesses.

Awareness Creation

  • What should be a top concern for the government, the private sector, and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) is how we share groundwater knowledge and invest in it. 
  • Everyone should make a point of thinking on what can be done to reduce groundwater pollution.

Government Policies

  • Data on groundwater should be analysed for effective decision making
  • Government needs to provide more oversight and a strict regulatory framework on groundwater protection.
  • Government can enhance the promotion of local solutions to minimise groundwater pollution.

Research and Innovation 

  • To promote efficient management of groundwater, there is a need  to prioritise the  strengthening of institution, academia, and research. 
  • Managing Africa’s Groundwater supply through the development of sustainable innovations.
  • Manufacturing firms should make use of eco-innovations in order to protect groundwater.