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LBSSC Insights from 2023 – Our Newsletters and Communiques

Sustainable Business Newsletters Month Title Archive Link January Towards a Sustainable Future https://mailchi.mp/a35eff2faffc/towards-a-sust...

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Sort Your Waste Properly

Sustainable Waste Management: Economic Spin-Offs of At-Source Waste Separation 

The Global Alarm Scientists across the globe are raising alarm over the increased waste production in urban cities which is fueling climate change,...

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2022 Newsletters and Communiques

Monthly newsletters Month Title Archive LinkJanuary A Path towards Sustainabilityhttps://mailchi.mp/076e3fd08686/a-path-towards-sust...

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Why the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 Are More Important Than Ever

BY LEI NGUYEN 2020 was supposed to be an important milestone for international cooperation, with major global conferences on biodiversity, climate ...

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LBS, PAU Support Nigeria Green Recovery Initiative

The Earth Day 2022 Theme is Invest In Our Planet.What Will You Do? There are many actions, big and small we can leverage to make a differenc...

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Strengthening Youth Participation in Nigeria’s Journey for Sustainable Development

Dear Esteemed Participant,Thank you for making out time to attend and contribute to the Naija Youth Sustainability Forum on April 7, 2022 themed ‘Stre...

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2022 World Water Day Forum

Dear Esteemed Participants,  Thank you for making out time to attend and contribute to the 2022 World Water Day Web-Forum themed: ‘Groun...

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Advancing Sustainability through Knowledge Sharing

Sustainable development issues such as nutrition, climate change, food security, health and wellness affect everyone in society. The public and privat...

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Food Insecurity

Food Insecurity

A well-known definition of food insecurity by the United Nations Committee on World Food Security is, ‘the condition in which all people, at all ...

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Building Responsibility into Business: The What, Why and How

Businesses are increasingly implored to move  beyond profit making to  solving  various social, economic, and environmental challenges ...

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