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2023 Nonprofit Management for Senior Executives (NPMfEx) Programme: Equipping Leaders for Organisational Sustainability and Transformative Impact

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The Nonprofit Management for Senior Executives (NPMfEx) Programme, concluded the 2023 cohort’s sessions comprising online modules from July 11 to August 4, and in-person sessions from August 10 to 11, 2023. The NPMfEx programme was another incredible journey of growth, empowerment, and transformation for our participants who are top leaders in NGOs and Nonprofits working in Africa.

Throughout this dynamic programme, participants displayed a collective commitment to igniting positive change in the world of nonprofit organisations. The programme made up of passionate executives drawn from diverse organisations, embraced the mission to strengthen leadership, governance, and management capacities, coupled with the readiness to face complex challenges and seize opportunities with strategic brilliance.

The NPMfEx programme was not just about knowledge acquisition; it was a powerful fusion of theory and practice, where every session was designed to inspire action, innovation, and impactful leadership. We’re immensely proud of our dedicated executives who immersed themselves in this learning experience, sharing ideas, strategies, and forging lasting connections.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes to the LBS Faculty body, guest facilitators Prof Enase Okonedo, Dr Chichi Aniagolu-Okoye, the NPMfEx lead facilitators, Dr Ijeoma Nwangwu and Oreva Atanya, NP Management Senior Fellows, Ndidi Nwuneli, Osayi Alile, Adenike Adeyemi, various subject matter expert facilitators, guest speakers, and partners who brought their expertise and passion to bear on this transformative journey for the participants. Your contributions have left an indelible mark on the participants and the future of nonprofit leadership.

To the NPMfEx Class of 2023, your journey continues. Stay inspired, stay connected, and keep creating the change our world deserves. Overall, as we celebrate the successes achieved, the knowledge gained, and the bonds formed, we are confident the participants will forge a future where nonprofit organisations thrive, making the world a better place for all. Click here to view the full programme summary