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LBSSC, ACT Foundation Support Sustainable Businesses in the Waste Management Sector 

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Few options exist to reverse widespread ecosystem degradation, and sustainable waste management is one of them. Little wonder, our just concluded 2023 Leadership Programme for Sustainable Waste Management is a starting point that gives participants a better understanding of the policies, institutions and practices critical to building sustainable businesses in the waste management sector.  

With active illustrations of case studies, hands-on sessions, interaction with experts and practical applications of ecological, institutional and economic concepts, the participants were adequately enabled to pursue the best approach in the course of their waste management business and career trajectories.

We are grateful to Aspire Coronation Trust (ACT) Foundation for making this programme a reality. Our appreciation also goes to our lead facilitator, Oreva Atanya, Industry Advisor, Ola Oresanya, Founder, Globtech Remedial Ltd and various subject matter experts and facilitators whose uncommon expertise brought better clarity and perspectives to the participants.

We do not take for granted the  contributions of the Lafarge Geocycle, Global Plastic Action Partnership (GPAP), Nigeria National Plastic Action Partnership (NPAP), KALTANI, Quadloop,  Circular Economy Innovation Partnership (CEIP), Wecyclers, Food and Beverage Recycling Alliance (FBRA), E-Waste Producer Responsibility Organisation of Nigeria (EPRON) teams, amongst many others who made our line up of distinguished panellists, speakers, advisory sessions and contributors.

As global organisations and advocates drum the need for transitions and best practices that enable sustainability across sectors, we are sure to see a difference in the way our participants will lead initiatives around sustainable waste management, helping to prioritise innovation, concepts and business models that promote a circular economy, a green agenda and a greener environment.

About the programme funder – ACT Foundation

Aspire Coronation Trust (ACT) Foundation is a grant making organisation established in 2016 to support local, national and regional non – profit organisations working to address challenges and associated vulnerabilities across the African Continent. ACT Foundation supports sustainable high impact initiatives that provide innovative solutions to social, economic and environmental challenges in Africa. The foundation’s vision is to leverage relationships to create effective social impact solutions across Africa. ACT Foundation aims to promote its social impact initiatives through the following platforms which the organisation is passionate about;  Health, Environment, Entrepreneurship and Leadership.