CEIP – True Leaders Training Series for Facilities Managers

Improper waste management is causing major public and environmental health risks, and remains a challenge for municipalities and government agencies. As part of efforts to transition from linear to a circular economy which seeks to maximize the use of all available resources by adhering to the three R’s: reduction, reuse, and recycling. Products’ useful life spans are lengthened, trash is put to good use, and a more eco-friendly production model is set up over time. To support this circular approach, the Circular Lagos Initiative, Circular Economy Innovation Partnership and the LBS Sustainability Centre designed and deliver this training series annually to aid circularity transitions across various facilities and estates in Nigeria

Through the Training Series (Executive Workshops, Webinars and Networking Meetings)  facility managers learn the importance of connecting to and using circularity principles and services to manage the waste generated by their facilities. The programme creates an avenue to connect these managers to recyclable collectors and recycling plant operators to close the loops in the operations after other waste sorting approaches have been implemented. The programme builds the capacity of facility managers to become change agents fueling the transition to the circular economy in Nigeria.

Fee: Scholarship based
Start Date: To Be Confirmed
Duration: 2 Weeks
Delivery: Hybrid (Live Online and In-Person)

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