Driving Sustainability from the Board

In today’s rapidly changing world, the concept of sustainability is becoming increasingly important for organisations of all sizes and industries. For boards, this means that oversight on sustainability issues cannot be overemphasized, it is key to strategy, risk management and innovation for business growth. As a board member, making sustainability a strategic priority can ensure the long‐term success and stability of the business you oversee while harnessing opportunities for positive impacts on the environment and communities.

The Lagos Business School “Driving Sustainability from the Board Programme” is a high-level customized learning opportunity which will help you gain a better understanding of the sustainability and ESG issues and challenges facing your organisation and specific sector/industry. The programme will equip you to lead oversight of sustainability integration into business strategy and corporate sustainability performance.

Delivery: Customised to the preference of the participants and company secretariat. Options include a one‐day programme, a group of sessions integrated into board sessions or retreats, online or in-person.

Fee: This is subject to the number of participants and delivery mode.

Dates are scheduled in line with participants’ availability.

Request a proposal by emailing Theresa at takpoveso@lbs.edu.ng