Impact Planning and Measurement in Social Investment

The Impact Measurement for Social Investments and Projects is an online programme which will equip professionals with the skills to design efficient evaluation frameworks for Social Investments and Projects within the African context. The course is a highly practical course which takes into cognisance the nuanced challenges professionals may encounter in designing impact measurement frameworks in Africa and provides solutions for these challenges. Delivered in conjunction with industry experts, the course provides a holistic guide for any professional tasked with the responsibility of measuring the impact of projects within any organisation.

In today’s business environment, there is a noticeable increase in the nonprofit sector’s need to show accountability and transparency. Donors and funders now want to see clear results from their contributions. Similarly, within the public sector, there’s a growing emphasis on evidence-based policymaking and thorough program evaluation. Consequently, there’s an urgent demand for professionals well-versed in impact measurement methodologies. Furthermore, with the proliferation of social enterprises and organisations dedicated to making a positive impact, there arises an evident necessity for individuals equipped with the expertise to accurately assess and effectively communicate the social value generated by these initiatives.   The sustainability executive programme provides a self-paced learning option for these busy professionals to learn and understand the business case of sustainable development and better deliver on their jobs as sustainability professionals in their various firms and organisations.

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